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Pot form mug 0,25l


Ceramiczny gar przed ceramiką wiza w ParowejCERAMICA ARTYSTYCZNA "WIZA" was started in 1963 by Stanislaw Wiza. Initially it was a very small concern with few employees and few small electric kilns. The pottery

flourished due to careful attention to design, both in body shapes and patterns. The manufacturing process was also improved, new kilns better clays general attention to detail. All this achieved results both at home and abroad. At present we employ about 120 people. We make functional and beautiful table wares, kitchen wares and ornaments. Company have 4 factory shop now, in Wroclaw, Boleslawiec and Parowa.



ceramiczne króliczki w ceramice WIZA

Our pottery is stoneware, that is white bodied pot fired to a very high temperature to make the body as hard as stone. This makes the pot functional without a glaze. There are three types of pots produced in the world: 1. Earthenware - low firing temperature [the pot has to be glazed to hold water] this means that the body is soft and the pot can easily be chipped - once chipped water can enter and bacteria breed in the chips and cracks. 2. Porcelain - high firing temperature the body of the pot becomes hard as stone - but it is potted very thinly so that it is translucet - very fine but easily broken and does not resist high temperatures. It cannot be used as ovenware. 3. Stonware - high firing temperature the body of the pot becomes hard as stone - not translucet - body resists high temperatures and is therefore ideal as oven to table ware it is functional even without glazed and is tough and durable, therefore ideal as durable everyday table ware. It is also suitable for use in the microwave and as the decoration in under glaze dishwasher safe.

Therefore the stoneware that has been produced in this area for centuries is of a very high quality tough and durable and one of the most functional domestic untensils available.

We therefore offer our clients a safe, reliable, durable, multifunctional Product, not to omit beautiful.



Our white stoneware is fired at a very high temperature and the only paints that retain a good colour are metal based. The decoration is under the glaze and therefore permanent
The range of these paints is very limited. Traditionlly cobalt [blue] as in early Chinese porcelains gives a good rich colour that can, if skilfully applied be varied in intensity. Many of the blue and white sponge applied patterns thet distinguish and make the areas weres identifiable are traditional. The body of the article is extremely tough and durable and does not need to be glazed to be functional.

At present pottery Wiza offer their clients a lot of patterns as well as that are unique to this pottery. We have been working on developing some lighter more delicate colour ways but

zdobienie ceramiki produkowanej w WIZA

 stock a rich range of the fuller deeper more treditional sponge ware designs that relate to earlier times and that characterise the whole area. Our aim is to use qualified local designers to develop a new range of patterns whilst retaining traditional quality and character. Our pottery is under glaze decorated using lead and radium tree colorants.

The main advantages of the chemical composition used in our stonware is that we can guarantee our clients a safe reliable and durable product. Which is under glaze beautifully decorated in a very wide range of Traditional and modern patterns that will bring a glow to your kitchen and table.


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