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B�mischer Topf 0,25l

Wiza Artistic Ceramics is one of the famous company, specialising in the production of polish pottery decorated in characteristic way of the region from Boleslawiec.

Beginning as small handicraft workshop set up in 1963 by Stanislaw Wiza it has developed into a flourishing family company, now employing 120 workers. From the start, the plant has been located in the building of the pre-war "Silesia"' factory, a part of Kuno Steinmann's porcelain concern. The firm plans to extend and it intends to convert the oldest part for office and museum rooms in which the technology of the 1960s will be presented.

Wiza Artistic Ceramics looks back on a history of over forty years, formed by the great creative passion of its owner. The first decades of activity were devoted to the production of ceramics with brown and running glazes. Flower vases, ash-trays decanters, and wine glasses were coated with them. In time the assortment was broadened by elegant coffee services decorated with cobalt blue and gold. Stanislaw Wiza oversaw the de sign and production processes.

In the 1980s, table, kitchen, an decorative wares adorned with stamps and drawing on the his historical Boleslawiec stoneware for inspiration began to dominate the production of the plant. Initially, traditional models were followed, but they were later gradually replaced by the firm"s' own designs, which achieved success. The Management took the decision to open company shops .They have been located in Wrocław , Boleslawiec and Parowa . The appealing dishes soon became popular among the American and German clientele. A dynamic promotional campaign also contributed to this. The firm developed intensively in 1999-2000 when a company was established in which Stanislaw Wiza and his daughters: Lidia i Przemyslawa are the shareholders.

The designer of patterns and shapes are employees of our company such as : Waldek Jop ,Tamara Jop, Justyna Bubela, Beata Broda, Mirosław Fleszar, Barbara Chmielowiec, Beata Nowak, Maria Dombrowska, Janina Bany-Kozlowska oraz Mieczyslaw Kozlowski. As the firm systematically modernises and enlarges ­its output, new markets are being conquered. Ceramic wares ­from "Wiza" can now be bought in Netherlands, Italy, Germany, England , United States, Ireland, Switzerland, France, Bolivia, Denmark and Malta.The firm's participation in many prestigious events and exhibitions, e.g. at the international fairs in Frankfurt Chicago and Leipzig and Johannesburg confirms the achieved success. In 1997 the family-owned company was among the firms nominated for the prize of the 'Lower Silesian Key to Success.

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