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Hanging coffe mill
Symbol: 123
Length: 14cm
Width: 14cm
Diameter: 14cm
Pepper mill
Symbol: 131
Length: 5cm
Width: 5cm
Diameter: 5cm
Spoon holder
Symbol: 220
Length: 14cm
Width: 9cm
Diameter: 9cm
Large serving spoon
Symbol: 226
Length: 23,3cm
Width: 10,5cm
Diameter: 10,5cm
Serving spoon for jam
Symbol: 232
Length: 13cm
Width: 4,5cm
Diameter: 4,5cm
Soup ladle
Symbol: 239
Length: 26cm
Width: 11cm
Diameter: 11cm
Gravy ladle
Symbol: 249
Length: 17cm
Width: 7cm
Diameter: 7cm
Flowerpot "Finezja"
Symbol: 265+286
Length: 40 cm
Width: 17 cm
Diameter: -
Soap dish
Symbol: 321
Length: 15 cm
Width: 11,5 cm
Diameter: -
Calf - figurine
Symbol: 414
Length: 13cm
Width: 8cm
Diameter: 8cm
Smell warmer Ø3,9in
Symbol: 808
Length: 10cm
Width: 10cm
Diameter: 10cm
Symbol: 832
Length: 17,5cm
Width: 8cm
Diameter: 8cm
Symbol: 841
Length: 13 cm
Width: 8 cm
Diameter: -
Christmas tree - candy box Ø10,2in
Symbol: 850
Length: 26cm
Width: 26cm
Diameter: 26cm
Christmas tree - candy box small Ø6,7in
Symbol: 851
Length: 17cm
Width: 17cm
Diameter: 17cm
Herbs container
Symbol: 900
Length: 9cm
Width: 9cm
Diameter: 9cm