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Plate Ø10,3in
Symbol: 231
Length: 26cm
Width: 26cm
Diameter: 26cm
Oval plate for eggs
Symbol: 234A
Length: 38cm
Width: 20cm
Diameter: 20cm
Casserole dish small Ø7,1in
Symbol: 235
Length: 23cm
Width: 18cm
Diameter: 18cm
Serving bowl Ø6,3in
Symbol: 236
Length: 21cm
Width: 16cm
Diameter: 16cm
Oval platter large
Symbol: 243
Length: 35,5cm
Width: 25,5cm
Diameter: 25,5cm
Oval platter medium
Symbol: 244
Length: 31cm
Width: 20cm
Diameter: 20cm
Oval platter small
Symbol: 245
Length: 26cm
Width: 15cm
Diameter: 15cm
Bake form mini Ø3,1in
Symbol: 250
Length: 8cm
Width: 8cm
Diameter: 8cm
Souffle dish Ø10,6in
Symbol: 252
Length: 27cm
Width: 27cm
Diameter: 27cm
Souffle dish large Ø8,7in
Symbol: 253
Length: 22cm
Width: 22cm
Diameter: 22cm
Souffle dish Ø7,1in
Symbol: 254
Length: 18cm
Width: 18cm
Diameter: 18cm
Souffle dish Ø5,9in
Symbol: 255
Length: 15cm
Width: 15cm
Diameter: 15cm
Divided oval serving dish
Symbol: 256
Length: 33cm
Width: 21cm
Diameter: 21cm
Rectangular serving dish-large
Symbol: 260
Length: 28cm
Width: 17cm
Diameter: 17cm
Rectangular serving dish-medium
Symbol: 261
Length: 24cm
Width: 14cm
Diameter: 14cm
Rectangular serving dish-small
Symbol: 262
Length: 20cm
Width: 12cm
Diameter: 12cm