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Oval serving dish, medium
Symbol: 211
Length: 33cm
Width: 21 cm
Diameter: 21cm
Oval serving dish, large
Symbol: 212
Length: 37cm
Width: 23cm
Diameter: 23cm
Souffle dish, large
Symbol: 213
Width: 28cm
Diameter: 28cm
Platter, angular
Symbol: 214
Length: 29cm
Width: 12cm
Diameter: 12cm
Platter, oval
Symbol: 215
Length: 44cm
Width: 16cm
Diameter: 16cm
Oval serving dish w/handles large
Symbol: 216
Length: 39cm
Width: 28cm
Diameter: 28cm
Oval serving dish w/handles medium
Symbol: 217
Length: 28cm
Width: 16cm
Diameter: 16cm
Oval serving dish w/handles small
Symbol: 218
Length: 20cm
Width: 11,2cm
Diameter: 11,2
Split serving dish
Symbol: 219
Length: 13cm
Width: 8cm
Diameter: 8cm
Oval dish small
Symbol: 222
Length: 8cm
Width: 13cm
Diameter: -
Lasagne pan, large
Symbol: 223
Length: 41cm
Width: 29cm
Diameter: 29cm
Lasagne pan, medium
Symbol: 224
Length: 34cm
Width: 26cm
Diameter: 26cm
Lasagne pan, small
Symbol: 225
Length: 29,5cm
Width: 29,5cm
Diameter: 29,5cm
Triple dish
Symbol: 227
Diameter: 31cm
Casserole dish large
Symbol: 228
Length: 28cm
Width: 28cm
Diameter: 28cm
Rectangular platter
Symbol: 230
Length: 31cm
Width: 17cm
Diameter: 17cm